About Leslee King

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Front Royal, Richmond and the DC area, I am the third child of seven who learned a strong work ethic from my loving parents. I taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grades before moving west to support my husband’s career choice to become an Archaeologist.  I came back home to Virginia in 1986 and delved into the technology field in order to support my three young children.

My technology background:

Leslee tackled many large projects in her career as a technical lead. This included putting all of the Navy and Marines at the Pentagon and Walter Reed Army Medical Center onto their new network systems. Leslee then moved onto bigger challenges of monitoring and managing large server and network systems. She was not only an Advanced Systems Engineer but also became a Software Architect. Leslee has worked with all branches of the military as well as US Central Command, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, the U.S. Senate, various Intelligence Agencies, several colleges, State, and city groups. Due to her skills in dealing with very technical requirements from senior executives and workers, Leslee was troubleshooting and resolving some very complex problems. She would perform site assessments for companies and government agencies seeking continuous improvement. As part of the improvement process, Leslee would often develop and teach technical classes tailored to the needs of the customer.

Leslee holds an expert certification in implementing policies and procedures, from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards organization. Beyond this certification, Leslee has real world experience in solving problems, improving sites, and providing win-win results.

Some commendations received:
  • People First Service Award for Excellence in Customer Support at DISA and FBI
  • Commendation Coin of Excellence from General Alexander at Information Network Systems Command (INSCOM), Ft. Belvoir
  • Letter of praise from GSA (Government Services Agency), Fort Worth, TX on help provided to their technical staff
  • Army Pin received from the Chief Information Officer for US Army Acquisitions Command (USAAC), Fort Knox, KY for insight and excellence regarding site assessment report
  • Letter of praise from Tobyhanna Army Depot regarding in-depth site assessment report
  • Commendation Letter from General Black’s Chief of Staff, Walter Reed Army Medical Center for excellence in completing a multi-site network project
  • Recipient of Outstanding Employee Recognition Award Letter of Commendation from Admiral Davis, Chief Oceanographer of the Navy, for successful completion of their network installation

Why do I want to run for Broad Run District School Board?

You cannot buy experience. It comes with many years of going through different trials and tribulations while making things better.  I was the person my company sent to solve seemingly unsolvable problems, to ensure confidence was renewed in the company and to make projects, policies and procedures better. I have always looked for the win-win solutions.

As a native Virginian living more than half of my life in the DC area, I must step up and become involved. My three children are graduates of Fairfax County Schools and I understand from a single parent view with a teaching background the complexity of local education.

We live in difficult times with many challenges and we need experienced leaders to work through these difficult times.  Our children are our future and they need to be protected and encouraged.  I am running because I believe that my experience as a teacher and a leader in technology is needed on this School Board.

Vote for Experience — Vote for Leslee M. King

I promise to:

  1. Seek out the LCPS successes and expand upon them for continuous improvement
  2. Strive for equity so all students are able to work up to and beyond their capabilities
  3. Improve communications within the Loudoun community
  4. Work to provide a safer environment for learning