How did she do it?

This was me at my heaviest, about 18 years ago!

This was me 12 years ago with my wonderful children!  A size 24 was tight..

This is me today, a size 10 and over 100 pounds lighter!


First thing to understand about losing weight is that it doesn’t happen overnight. I hit a couple plateaus and it took a while to bust them. I went to Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.  Each one worked and was a good start/restart.  Then I decided to watch what I ate.  Sometimes I would do vegetarian three days a week which is healthy and cheaper.  When I gain a couple pounds, I go on the vegetable soup diet for three days.  You can find it at this link:

Another major thing to remember is that it’s alright to go to bed hungry!

I’m a morning and night person both.  My big problem is that I like to snack at night.  That’s okay once in a while but not often.