Amanda McInturff

To whom it may concern,

This letter is a recommendation for Leslee King to serve on the Loudoun County School Board-Broad Run.  Leslee King is an amazing lady. I met her shortly after I started dating her youngest son Kevin. The day I started dating him was a lucky day.  I not only started a relationship with an amazing man, but I gained a family of people who helped make him amazing. 

A family led by a strong, lionhearted Queen(even though she’s a King!).  I was instantly welcomed and loved by the family and warmed by Leslee’s love during a very difficult time in my life.  Although I lost my father, I gained another loving parental figure at a time I needed it most.  My life is better, I am a better person for knowing Leslee King, and lucky enough to have her son as my other half. 

Her love and wisdom deserves to be shared with many.  I feel she would be a great asset to the Loudon County School board.  I believe the families and children of her district will be better off with her involvement.

Respectfully yours,

          Amanda McInturff