Former Student – Michael Hoffman

Eighth Grade Memories!

How would you like to have your sister teach you in middle school?  Most would say, “No way!”

When I found out my sister, Leslee King, was going to be my teacher for one of my subjects, I was anxious.  But what happened, she was so good at teaching and making everything interesting that my friends and classmates thought it was great and I was applauded for having such a good teacher in the family.

I remember one of several innovations Leslee did was she created a game that made reviewing for tests interesting and fun.  Each row would take 3 or 4 pages of a chapter and write on index cards a question and answer.  We each did at least 5.  Then we would play Hollywood Squares with 9 students as squares, 2 contestants and 1 person handing out the X’s and O’s.  The fun was that you didn’t have to know the answer because you could bluff. Then the student contestant could agree or disagree. Sometimes we would bluff for fun.  If you didn’t know, you could just say “I don’t know!” and the student/contestant could answer or pass on the question.  After the win or tie, we would change to all new people.  In a class of 40 students, that was important to have the chance to participate and a fun way to review.

I highly recommend Leslee King for Loudoun County Shool Board!


Michael Hoffman