Keith King

Kindness, supportive, understanding, loving, and unwavering dedication, these are just a few ways in which I describe my mother Leslee King. As a single mother she always put the needs of her children before herself. While working to support three children she never wavered in her support of us and our goals in life. When a challenge was presented to her, she always worked to find a yes, yes we will find a way to make it work, yes we will support you, and yes you can do it. I consider myself to be a successful person with a great family, I credit this success to my mother.

It is now my turn to support my mother in her quest to support other children and I do so with great enthusiasm.  Knowing how my mother can and will work to finding a yes answer, I believe she is what is needed for this job. Leslee will put the needs of all children above politics; she will show them the same unwavering dedication and support I was blessed to have had. My mother knows the challenges parents face in raising children, she knows the challenges parents have when working with schools, and I believe she knows how to help those families succeed. So, it is with great pride that I fully endorse my mother Leslee King for the Broad Run School Board.

Keith King, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Father of three, loving husband, and devoted son.