Kevin King

To whom it may concern,

This letter is a recommendation for Leslee King to serve for the Loudon County School Board-Broad Run

I am one of three children to Leslee, and I like many children of single parents view their one parent as a superhero. Wonder Woman is an appropriate Heroine to compare my mom to.  However, without an assessment to back up the claim, it is just an adjective I use to describe my mom, Leslee King.

After separating from my father and deciding to take on full custody of 3 children under the age of 12, the logical decision for her was to move back to where family was. Soon after, a new career was needed to support a family on her own.  Leslee was able to work and become highly successful in a field typically composed of males. While in the IT industry, she showed willingness to work and appreciate the work of everyone. From a sales associate to a 2 star Admiral, Leslee found the solutions to make things work together. It wasn’t just getting computers, networks, and people to communicate with each other, it was also about people learning from the technical classes she taught to ensure previous failures did not happen again.

The three of us went to schools of all levels in the Reston and later Chantilly area. I remember her being involved in every facet of our schools. Whether to support us at a sporting event, which we all took part in, or PTA meetings, to fund raising events for the school.  All the while working a more than full time job and teaching us values and how to always look on the bright side of things. Always reminding us how others aren’t as fortunate as we were.  My Mom has as long as I can remember, always given back and helped others.  Be it money for church, or going to provide communion to the elderly, or even the clothes off her back to charity.

Leslee has been a teacher all of her life being a mother.  If results are as important as the evidence, my sister, brother, and I are all grateful beyond words that she is our teacher for the rest of our lives.  We have all turned out to be above and beyond the average kids in a similar situation. Please do remember my HERO when you go vote.

Kevin Michael King