Long Time Friend, Mary Willhite

Support for Leslee King for School Board
Dear Friend,
I am writing to you to share why Leslee King would be a great addition to the School Board of Loudoun County.
I’ve known Leslee for many years, under many different situations both personal and professional. She is amazing. She is always willing to help! By saying help I’m not talking about waiting for someone to tell her what to do. She is very self-directed, and organized. She sees what is needed and Voila it’s done.
Leslee is an excellent listener, respecting all views, which promotes cooperation. She comes to this opportunity with varied life experiences equipping her to provide for the families and school children of Loudoun County.
An excellent choice!
Mary Willhite, L.S.W.
Founder: Joel’s Place for Children
Avon, Ohio 44011